About Us

About Us


Port Massage Centre is among the leading health & wellness clinics in Port Macquarie. Our fully qualified therapists aim to provide a wide range of treatments to suit each clients individual health problem. All our therapists are recognized by Health Funds & are members of Association’s. Our therapy rooms consist of the perfect setting: soft lighting, soothing music & heated massage tables for winter. So if you suffer from headaches, migraines, back problems, sciatica or any other muscle tightness, Port Massage is the place to try. Please have a look through our guide to help you choose which treatment option best suits you, then simply give us a call to book your appointment…you won’t regret it.




REMEDIAL MASSAGE: If you are suffering from tight muscles, back pain, headaches, migraines, sciatica ETC, Remedial is the right choice for you. Our Therapists will use a range of techniques to suit the clients problem. These range from: Sports, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point & more that focus & loosen problem area’s. This treatment CAN be claimed on HICAPS.



If you have been feeling stressed & in need of a pamper, then this is the massage for you. This technique is much more lighter than Remedial & good for releasing the mind, body & soul.
Aromatherapy is the same technique but with the added benefit of beautiful Essential Oils.
NOTE: This treatment CAN NOT be claimed on HICAPS.



If you feel overworked, stressed, & sometimes have that cold feeling in your muscles, then look no further than this deeper level of relaxation massage. You will feel refreshed & renewed as these hot river stones melt away your tired muscles.
NOTE This treatment CAN NOT be claimed on HICAPS



If you suffer from congestion, muscle pain, Asthma, or tiredness this is a great treatment to try. The suction & negative pressure provided by cupping can loosen muscles, encourage blood flow & sedate the nervous system.



If you suffer from head colds, sinus, or blocked ears, this is a good treatment for you to try. The ear candle draws wax from your ears, improving your balance & wellbeing.



This is a great treatment for those with sore, tired feet, tendonitis, or plantar fasciitis. Points in the feet can also help with body pains.



This is great for those wanting to detox the body. The Ion Array draws toxins out of your body via your feet. It will leave you feeling renewed & fresh.



This is a great treatment for tired feet. You will relax & get a good nights sleep with chinese herbs added to the hot water. You can do this treatment on it’s own, or add it on to your reflexology foot massage. Your feet will be thankful you did.