Unique facials individually designed to target and treat your specific skin concerns with Algologie products for the following skin types and conditions:

-Normal skin                            -Dry skin

-Oily skin                              -Combination skin

-Sensitive skin                         -Mature skin

-Premature skin                         -Acne



Those on the go.This is a great way to relieve any stress in your day and keep up with your professional skin treatment.Treatment includes:cleanse,exfoliation,mask and moisturizer.


Balance and nourish your skin using specific products for your skin tyoe.This tailored treatment will leave your skin refined,calm and rejuvenated.Treatment includes:cleanse,exfoliation,steam,face and décolletage massage,mask,moisturizer.


Relax and surrender your cares of the world.With an extra long massage to renew your vital energies.Your skin will be hydrated and rejuvenated.Treatment includes:cleanse,exfoliation,steam,extended decolletage,scalp and facial massage,mask,hand massage,serum and moisturiser.

Algologie philosohpy — “Maintaining beauty,preserving youthfulness and improving wellbeing with natrual marine extracts.”

Marine Algae and its benefits:

Vitamin A – Cellular renewal

Vitamin B3 – Energetic production of cells

Vitamin B5 – Hydration power

Vitamin E – Powerful anti oxidant

Vitamin F – Supports connective tissues

Chloride – Supports elasticity of the skin

Copper – Ensures elasticity and tone of the skin

Iron – Firming and anti bacterial

Manganese – Firming.

Molybdenum – Strengthens and supports tissues and boosts collagen

Selenium – Prevents ageing due to photosynthesis

Silicium – Helps with connective tissue development

Sodium – Facilitates the exchanges in the membranes